Spaced In, Spaced Out

Spaced In, Spaced Out is a group exhibition of four sculptors: Juliana Cerqueira Leite (American/ Brazilian, b. 1981); Aleana Egan (Irish, b. 1979); Maria Nepomuceno (Brazilian, b. 1976); Elisabeth Wieser (German, b. 1986).

These artists are interested in the way their works inhabit the surrounding space, and the way their own bodies inform the dimensions and proportions of the sculpture. Using a wide variety of materials, they are creating fantastical habitats, and showing us the potential of the inside and outside of a sculpture. Furthermore, this is sculpture that distorts the familiar, giving substance to the way in which we are alienated by everyday forms and routines. All four artists work with site-specificity in mind, and Cerqueira Leite and Wieser have made new work especially for this show.

Curated by Alma Zevi

12th August – 1st September

Open by appointment only