Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 Kicks off

An exclusive update on Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 fair by our American reporters:



Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 kicks off, the population triples and the city transforms itself into a melting pot full of  special characters. There are happing’s all over Miami, from Fairchild to Wynwood and the Design District. Fairs that differ in quality and style, including Miami Design, Scoop, and Pulse with many others in-between.

We all gather to appreciate works from historical figures like Picasso to Mexican sensation Jose Davila. Art Basel Miami offers everything, even unintentional people watching. European elite class, big collectors, tattoo heads, hot pants and evening dresses; all of this beginning from 11am at the VIP preview, but the most energetic tone was sprit of buying.

Pieces that were particularly popular were those of John Baldessari, Erika Verzutti, Helmut Newton, Miguel Rio Branco and Richard Mosses’s ‘seen and not seen’. There is no doubt that Art Basel Miami is an event to be seen. Aside from the collection of Art this fair had instagram on overdrive. In terms of art its very prestigious but here in Miami there is a people factor involved that differs it from Basel, It’s the intricacy of people that provide a unique experience.

Text by Elsa Gil




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