Create is a concept that is as simple as it’s name seems. They are targeting a gap in the art market — the online art marketplace. is curated, and limited to a rotating selection of approximately 20 creators that offers gallery quality work at affordable prices. This young company was founded by Laura Cartagena who chose to dive right in and launch the site with an inaugural pop-up event titled ‘Speed of Dreams’ in Miaimi’s Wynwood Arts District during Art Basel 2013.

“As an analog photographer struggling to sell my own photographs, I was frustrated by how difficult it is for young, emerging artists and designers to make a living,” explained founder Laura Cartagena. “The entire system is arcane. I looked around and noticed all of my friends were creating these amazing things, but without the right venue, or the time and energy to sell them. I realized there are not enough online stores that offer a manageable selection of high-quality original work at below gallery pricing.” That’s how Create Collect was born.

Everyone flocked in from the Art Basel madness to see the colorful space and meet all the creators. The pop-up gallery created an intimate, simple, and personal experience for collectors. The international roster of artists ranged from the Pillas Bros, an artist duo from Madrid, Spain to Jimena Montemayor, an illustrator from Mexico. The space was both playful and eclectic; reflective of the young energy and ethos of Create Collect.  There was Miami Club Rum and Wild Juice cocktails flowing. From photography to collage, sculpture to jewelry, swimwear and even books; in every corner there was something to stimulate the senses. Even the bathroom was painted by Brooklyn-based artist Marilyn Rondon. Works featured included digital collage by Carolina Pimenta, interactive videos by Defne Onen and a poetry book written in both English and Portugese by Rezm Orah.

Quite the array of people showed up from Miamians to more seasoned international collectors, as well as Wynwood’s fellow artists spraying the streets.

Most of the artists have full time jobs, so Create Collect allows them to realize their creative talents and encourages them to keep on producing work that can give them a place to be seen.

Go check it out online now at and watch out for their next show in their hometown New York coming this March.

By Rosanna Bach

Images Courtesy of  ©Create Collect & ©Carolina Pimenta


Laura Cartagena  CEO, Founder

Create CollectCreate CollectCreate Collect

Create CollectThe Plaga by Jimena Montemayor aka Jimo Junk

Create CollectWork by Laura Cartagena and Sarah MK Moody

Create CollectTaylor Morris Sunglasses with Defne Onen’s video installation

_MG_6014Mrka from Pillas Bros with art collector Filipe Costa Leite

_MG_6363Photographer Araon Hill and Francesca Caltagirone